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We customize our services to fit your needs.

Care provision to our clients is of primary importance. Our aim is to help our clients improve their quality of life by providing care that’s tailored to their changing needs. Therefore, we customize our services to respond quickly and effectively to any change in the needs of our clients, increasing the overall quality of our service.


We aim to maintain a high-quality and trained staffed facility that provides compassion, dignity, and autonomy to those that rely on us. We know that each client is unique; hence, we customize our services to meet each individual’s unique health needs.


Our vision is to allow individuals to receive high-quality professional care from the initial assessment, to the start of service and daily management. We aim to push the boundaries of care to improve and customize our services towards the diverse set of emotional, physical, cognitive, and lifestyle needs of our clients.

a nurse and a senior woman looking at each other smiling


We employ a staff of qualified nurses and aides. Each individual is screened and bonded according to our policy, laws, and procedures, as well as the regulations that govern healthcare providers.

  • To work and facilitate with other relevant agencies on behalf of our respective clients.
  • To establish an approachable line of resources that suit and meet our clients’ needs.
  • To create an atmosphere that supports our clients and their families, as needs detest.

Standards of Care

We provide a wide range of personal and support services such as assistance with personal hygiene, toileting, dressing, diet, and bathing.

Our clients include:

  • Frail Elderly
  • Older People
  • Individuals with Mental Health Difficulties
  • Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • Persons with Challenging Behaviors
  • Persons with Specific Ethnic or Cultural Needs
  • Persons with Single or Multiple Impairments
a caregiver and a senior man smiling

Support Organizations

The following is a list of organizations and people who may also be helping the client and with whom one will come into contact with from time to time:

  • 911 Ambulance Control
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapist
  • District Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Health Visitors
  • Other Care Companies

Do not hesitate to send us a message to know more about the services we offer.